Jersey Shore Recap: “The Follow Game”

“I need a therapist and an AA meeting in that order,” Snooki groans after another night of hard partying for no reason. I have to say I agree.  She is way out of control this season, drinking and peeing everywhere, and on top of that she throws her case of UTI around like it’s a prize? The whole episode was sluggishly the same, mimicking my feelings about Jersey shore this season…meh.

There were some attempts to inject life into this episode, with Mike trying to stir up trouble with his played out threats of telling Jionni the “truth”. But alas, his plans were put on hold because his prized witness Unit was in Miami…maybe next week. He did get a nugget about Deena’s sister sleeping with his brother, trying to use that to mess with Deena. I get that, but what was up with Mike talking to Deena’s sister about his brother? Weirdo!

In other news Deena and Snooki were playing “the follow game” at the store, trying to get out of work to do what they do best…drink! Danny was more mad than usual, almost threatening to fire them…seems like they may become ‘meatball homeless’ if they’re not careful. Deena called to apologize, but as usual Snooki couldn’t be bothered.
Pauly had a pretty determined stalker this week, which provided the only comic relief for this episode. This chick would wear the same thing everyday and show up everywhere Pauly was on the boardwalk, in his direct line of sight…”I’m getting scared bro, it’s not fun anymore”…funny in a creepy way.

The main thing that piqued my interest this week was Jenni and Rodger fighting, finally bringing the underlying issues of an apparently stalling relationship to the surface. This season we haven’t seen very much of Rodger, with him blowing Jenni off to do everything but hang out with her. When she called him out on it finally, he said, “Its always gloom and doom and drama with you,” which led me to question …is he getting tired of her? But there may be more to the drama…he says Jenni doesn’t trust him while he trusts her emphatically, so she better get over her insecurities or he’s out!

What are your thoughts about this episode? Or about the season in general? Is the show getting tired? Could this be jersey shore’s last season?…please leave comments below!


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