Super Bowl recap!

Being a huge football fan, I am still upset that my team (The Ravens) made stupid mistakes and lost to the Patriots. But I have to admit that seeing the Patriots and the Giants play AGAIN at the Super Bowl was exciting to watch and overall, it was a good game. But aside from the game, I was also interested in the funny commercials and the half time show. It seems like this year, the commercials were average; they were not as funny as last year. The only commercial I enjoyed was the Geico commercial about the Pig.

Now that was funny. Aside from that, every other commercial was average. If these commercials weren’t for humor purposes, I’ll say the commercials were really good but the main purpose for these commercials was to make the viewers laugh but I wasn’t laughing.

Now, the half time show was ok. Madonna is an awesome dancer for a 53-year-old woman. She almost fell while dancing but we can’t hold it against her. She performed well and so did Nicki Minaj. For some reason, I didn’t notice that M.I.A was on stage until I learned she flipped the bird during the halftime performance and I was like ‘oh there she is!’. lol. Now, that’s the way to steal Madonna’s Super Bowl shine.

Overall, it was a good game, the funny commercials were ‘not that funny’ afterall  and M.I.A made herself relevant again. But it didn’t end there. Gisele was so upset that her husband Brady (who is the QB for the Patriots) lost the game. She blamed his team for their loss. She didn’t even say it nicely. She used the “F” word in her ‘cry me a river’ speech. In my opinion, she should not have said anything unless she has another job for Brady. Other than that, she needs to save the drama for her mama and shut up. You win some and you lose some. That’s just life!



What do you think?

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