Grey’s Anatomy, Season 8 Episode 13 ( If/Then)

“Your life is a gift, accept it! no matter how screwed up or painful it seems to be; some things are gonna work out as if they were destined to happen” — Meredith GreyImage

This episode was centered around Meredith as she analyzes her life and wondered if things could have been different, especially if her mom didn’t have Alzheimer’s and others what if’s include:

What if she wasn’t friends with Christina? O_O no twisted sisters!?

What if Richard Webber and her mom were together and he was her dad? I can manage that, but “Meredith Webber” doesn’t sound as good as “Meredith Grey”

What if  Meredith was in love with nerdy Alex? *cringes*…that was so wrong!!! #justsaying

By the way,  Alex’s look was hilarious, but he is still screwing around

What if Bailey wasn’t the Bailey we are used to? Didn’t see that one coming, she was thrown to the back seat on this one!

What if Kepner wasn’t a saint after all? Haha…but she’s still awkward as always.

What if Owen and Torrez were married with 3 kids? haha…that was so weird , but Mer got kids part right since they both wanted kids!

What if Lexie was a junkie, but still got the brains? I almost didn’t recognize her with the tattoos and piercings, good break from the normal Lexie.


Enough with the recap, now excuse me while I rant!

I am a huge fan of the show, but this season hasn’t really measured up to the earlier ones and it’s the last season 😦

The writer keeps leaving us hanging, this episode wasn’t really necessary (just like the musical episode). It would have been awesome if she continued from where the last week’s episode ended: Owen and Cristina’s fight, that was a huge one and it would have been a very dramatic episode. Also Mark and Lexie’s story was left hanging (I miss them) don’t you?…people were expecting them to get back together, but the writer keeps deviating from the couple.

At some point, it looked like she was going to build on April Kepner’s Character…you know the encounter with Alex Karev (the scene from season 7 episode 8, when he wanted to get with her)…but it was like it never even happened. ugh…

On a positive note, the next episode promises to be a very dramatic one… according to the preview, see for yourself!

What do you think?


What do you think?

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