Is ‘Homeland’ the new ’24’?

Watching a new series is like an adventure. Will I like/love the show? Will the characters be believable ? Will the writing be superb and the acting great? These questions I often ask myself while watching a new show. I found myself asking these questions over and over as I watched Homeland. Towards the finale I found myself  believing the characters.

A lot of critics compared Homeland to ’24,’ I actually do not think the shows are similar other than the occasional bombs and explosions. Homeland is definitely NOT ’24.’ ’24’ is fast paced while Homeland is more relaxed, not much action in it. I guess that is why i initially found the series moving slow. I am a ’24’ fanatic, so when i heard it was more like 24 of course i wanted to see it, but i prefer 24 to Homeland.  The first few episodes were bland, then i got to episode 5 and it got better.

This thrilling drama series stars Claire Danes, Daimen Lewis, Mandy Patinkin, and David Harewood. Homeland airs on Showtime. Season one consists of 12 episodes; season 2 will premier late this year.

The plot: a CIA agent Carrie Mathison learns that a prisoner of war has turned against the United States. During an emergency meeting, Mathison discovers that a U.S. Marine Sergeant, Nicholas Brody, who has been missing since 2003 was rescued during a Delta Force raid at a compound belonging to terrorist Abu Nazir. Everyone but Carrie believes Brody is a war hero. In order to catch him in the act and prove everybody wrong, Carrie sets up some surveillance in Brody’s house.

Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison- carries the weight of the Americans security on her shoulders. She is a CIA operation officer assigned to fighting terrorists.

Damien Lewis as Nicholas Brody- is an American hero, who was a prisoner of war for 8 years. Brody has a wife and two kids, who believed he was dead.

Mandy Patinkin as Saul Berenson- is Carrie’s old boss and mentor.

Morena Baccarin as Jessica Brody- is Brody’s wife, while she believed Nic was dead, she dated his best friend, Mike.

David Harewood as David Estes- the Director of  the CIA’s Counter terrorism center. Estes is also Carrie’s boss and ex boyfriend.

Haunted by the her inability to predict 9/11 attacks, Carrie will go to any length to prevent another attack on American soil. Her strong work ethic prevents Carrie from being in a relationship. She expressed her pain in season finale, “I’m going to be alone my whole life aren’t I?” While battling some psychological demons Carrie is sometimes off paced or fast paced while working. Go on a journey with Brody’s family, as they adapt to the return of  their dad and how the family copes with Brody’s post traumatic stress.  Watch the series and find out who the “beauty and the beast” are, who else resurrected from the dead, and why Carrie becomes vulnerable. Lastly find out how Brody’s daughter, Dana makes a big impact in the season finale.

Rating B: the show is actually not bad, for me it just started off slow. A little more action & explosions would not hurt. I am looking forward to season two though to find out how Carrie’s illness will play out.  Here is the season one trailer of Homeland, take a peek.

What do you think about the series?


2 thoughts on “Is ‘Homeland’ the new ’24’?”

  1. I finally watched the last episode again fully….loved it! I think this is much more mature than screaming “JACK bauer” every minute.
    I have to say I was hoping that he would have pulled the trigger…I also wonder how Carrie will make it back into the agency.

    1. The last episode won me over…it was awesome! the show would be over if he died, he is the antagonist…can’t wait to see how Carrie’s story will play out.

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