Grey’s Anatomy: ‘If/Then’ Alternative reality sneak preview

Grey’s Anatomy has been quite boring this season, the only interesting/sad thing about this season was the death of Teddy’s husband, Henry.  The last episode ended with the argument between Cristina and Owen about the abortion she had because she wants her career not a baby. Finally! It was about time they had the “talk” if you ask me. The conversation has hung in the air for some months now. We will find out what happens to the couple in the upcoming weeks.  It should be exciting to see how the drama plays out, will they breakup or will Owen will have an affair with Teddy? We will not find out until the ninth of  next month. This week there’s a two hours special episode!…

… The big ‘If/Then’ episode! Shonda Rhimes takes us into this alternate story-line this week. What if Meredith never met McDreamy at the bar and he was still happily married to Addison? What if Bailey was still a meekly doctor? And the biggest of all, what if Ellis Grey was a great mother? So far, I think this will be the best episode of the season. Can’t wait to see how Meredith’s life could have been different? Catch it in two days at 9 EST on ABC.  Here is the first 11 mins of the what i call the ‘Coulda Woulda  Shoulda’ episode, check it out.

Grey’s Anatomy airs on Thurs., at 9 EST on ABC.


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