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Episodes! Finally i get to write about Episodes! I love, love, love this show. I’m sorry, it is funny and i love a good laugh. 🙂 Episodes is a witty, smart, humorous, Showtime series. The show was created by the creator of ‘Friends,’ David Crane and Jeffery Klarik, the creator of  ‘The Class.’  The comedy series is about a happily married couple, Sean (Stephen Mangan) and Beverly (Tamsin Greig) Lincoln, who were persuaded to bring their British hit show Lyman’s Boys,  to LA. The problems began when the couple are forced to cast Matt LeBlanc, who not only changes the direction of their show, but also interferes in their marriage.

Sean and Beverly Lincoln – happily married writers of a British hit show move to America to air their famous show to an American audience. Ignorant  about the American show business, the stress of dealing with their clueless network executives, disruptive star, begin to affect Bev and Sean’s relationship.

Matt LeBlanc – stars as himself in this sitcom, an egotistical star. His character is going through a divorce & custody battle, which  affected his work ethic.

Merc Lapidus – is the President of the American network that buys Lyman’s Boys. Merc does not have a clue about the show which does not sit well with Sean and Bev.

Carol Rance – second in command at the Network. She quickly becomes a friend and confidant to Bev.

As the show Lyman’s Boys quickly changes to Pucks, Sean and Bev’s marriage becomes strained. Watch and find out who actually cheats on their spouse and with whom. If the Lincolns’ marriage will survive the stress of Hollywood. And if the show, Pucks gets picked up.

Tamsin Greig is so Beverly, i love her character the most. She is brilliant; she owns that character. The first season was aired last Jan, hopefully the second season premiers soon. I love this show!! I can not wait for the next season. Episodes is definitely one of my new favorite shows. What do you think about Episodes?

Next stop on the  new shows/ list is Homeland. I am three episodes in, but i find it dry. Like when does the action starts?! I will let you know how it goes!

Stay tuned.

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