Is Alicia Florrick going to be bumped off her ‘Good Wife’ Status? It’s ‘The Good Wife.


This season on the Good Wife has been ON FIRE!!! The craziness, emotions, blackmail and the list goes on and on. Apparently, those are just the tips of the iceberg.  In the next new episiode airing January 29th 2012, ladies and gentlemen, Wendy Scott-carr is on a mission and her target is Alicia Florrick. Keep in mind that Wendy plans to publicly air out Peter Florrick’s dirty laundry and we all know what his ‘dirty laundry’ did to him last time. What better way to do it? Pick apart his ‘good’ wife. We are going to see Wendy Scott-carr publicly disgrace Alicia Florrick. How? Tune in this Sunday, January 29th at 9pm to find out.


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