‘Breaking Bad’s review.

Hey guys, miss me? Anyway I’ve been really busy. I know i took so long with “Breaking Bad,”  but here it is. At first, I thought it was another Weeds wannabe. Breaking Bad started off slow, but later progressed to a great show. It is much darker than Weeds. The main character of the show is Bryan Cranston. Remember him? He played Hal on “Malcolm in the Middle”. Remember him now?

“Breaking Bad” centers around a High School Chemistry teacher, Walter White (Bryan Cranston), who is diagnosed with stage III Lung Cancer. Realizing his family is going to be in debt after he is gone, Walt decides to produce and sell crystal methamphetamine with the help of his former student, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul).

Walter White, Walt aka “Heisenberg,” is a high school Chemistry teacher diagnosis with Lung Cancer; although he has never smoked a cigarette in his life. Walt is also a drug dealer. He produces/cooks meth with his partner, Jesse. Walt is Walt Jr. and Holly’s dad.

Jesse Pinkman is Heisenberg’s, partner. Jesse handles the “street” part of the business. He is also a junkie which tend to disrupt the partnership. According to Walt, Jesse was dropped on his head as a child.

Skyler White is Walter’s wife. She is controlling and bossy. She works as a book-keeper. She is also a mother of two (Holly & Walt Jr.)

Walter Jr is Skyler and Walt’s son. He has cerebral palsy.

Marie is Skyler’s sister. She married to Hank and she also a shoplifter.

Hank is a DEA agent. He is the big shot of his office. Although due to recent raids, Hank has been experiencing some anxiety attacks.

The series takes a lot of twists and turns as White becomes “Heisenberg.” War between the Cartels and Drug dealers lead to a shocking twist. As usual i do not want to give much away. Watch Breaking Bad and find out how the Whites’ lives evolves as Walt becomes ill and a drug dealer. Also find out why Jesse ends up in Rehabilitation, and why he becomes a drug-pusher.

The show also taught me a lot of funky stuff about chemistry. AMC announced “Breaking Bad” season 5 is going to be the last season the series. Check out the earlier seasons so you do not miss the finale. The last season will be aired in mid-2012.


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