Hey guys, Happy New Year! Hope you guys are as excited as I am about this blessed year. Remember i had a list of shows I listed to watch that people have hyped, well I started with shameless.

I finished catching up on the first season of “Shameless.” It is a pretty good show; it illustrates what some families are going through in life.Its basically about a dead beat father with six kids abandoned by their runaway mother. Everyone makes money to support the family except the father and the two youngest kids. I like the idea of the family living in a house. One does not have to live in a trailer park, ghetto or on the streets to be classified as poor.

Frank Gallagher, oh my gosh!! What a character! Dude does not care for his kids. He is caught up in his little “world’. All he cares about is his money, his next drink, and his next drink. This guy is a selfish idiot when he is drunk and other times when he is not, he is a good dad.

Fiona Gallagher is the oldest of the Gallagher’s. She is the mother, father, sister, and mentor. She raises her siblings on her own, by working at dead-end jobs.

Phillip Gallagher is the smartest of the Gallagher children, he gets paid by taking test for his mates.

Ian Gallagher is the third Gallagher child. He is homosexual but very few people know about his sexual orientation. He also participates in the Army ROTC.

Debbie & Carl Gallagher! They are so cute. they live in their own little world, well Carl does. Carl is the rebel of the family. A nine years old boy who breaks bones, his friends’ as well as his. I think his best line was “how do I make them cry?” Oh Debbie, Debbie, Debbie, she just wants some stability. She is sweet and very helpful.

Liam Gallagher is a such a cute kid. He is black even though both of his parents are white.

I DECIDED NOT TO GIVE IT ALL AWAY! Watch it and find out who is a half blood sibling/half cousin, why the little one is black. and many more twists and drama to the story.

Shameless returns for its second season on Showtime Jan 8, 2012 at 9 pm. I can actually say i love this show; looking forward to season two. The show has been renewed for season third.

Here is the trailer for season two. Check it out.


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